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"Believe in yourself, you're gonna do big things."

"Challenges help me stretch and grow."

"I am getting stronger everyday."

"I am proud of what I achieve, no matter how small."

"I know my worth."

"I am fine if people don't like me."

"I am learning to trust myself."

"Fear has no place here. Love, Compassion Empathy and Empowerment are my constant companions"

"My goals, all that I strive for, are pieces in my self-realisation.. I am learning to act with patience and humility"

"Here I am in this ever-perfect and infinite present, putting shape to a brilliant future"

"My body is brimming with unlimited energy which is healing me on all levels"

"I stay true to myself"

"I am free"

"I am capable of deep love and trust"

"Today I am more myself than yesterday, and tomorrow I will be more than today."

"Everyday I open up more into the best version of myself."

"I will do this"

"I can do this"

"I have abundant love and desire to share goodness and love with other people."

"I forgive myself and realize that I'm not perfect."