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"I forgive my parents for any pain they may have caused me."

"I totally accept and embrace myself as I am."

"The past cannot change, but my attitude can."

"After everything I have been through, I am grateful that I am still alive."

"It's okay for me to fail, and take some risks, and to learn for next time"

"Exercise is a joy and a stress release"

"I save, save, save for my dreams"

"The conditions are right for me to accomplish all I've been dreaming of"

"Big goals are achieved through consistent daily effort"

"Every day I wake up happy at my goal weight"

"I have far surpassed my weight loss goals!"

"Every day I work on my goals"

"Every day I put in the effort to get the best possible results"

"Repeated daily actions achieves big goals"

"I am a conscious creator, and I have the ability to create the life I most desire."

"I'm willing to go anywhere, as long as it's forward."

"I can talk to anyone, anytime, anywhere with pure confidence."

"I believe in us, I believe in our business."

"The state of constant calmness (neutralization of restless thoughts) is attained by the continuous practice of meditation and by keeping the attention fixed at the point between the eyebrows. In this state of calmness, man witnesses the thoughts and emotions and their workings without being disturbed at all, reflecting in his consciousness only the unchangeable image of Spirit."

"Peace is the altar of God, the condition in which happiness exists."