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"Everything I touch turns to gold"

"I am becoming a success magnet"

"I am highly focused on success"

"I am thankful for my many successes"

"I attract success in all areas of my life"

"I always succeed"

"Overcoming illness is easy for me"

"I have vibrant health"

"I exercise and take good care of my body"

"My immune system is strong"

"Every passing day my body is becoming more energetic and more healthy."

"I love myself and I am perfectly healthy."

"I have the potential to heal completely."

"I am taking good care of myself."

"My body knows how I can get better."

"I am confident that my body can heal complety."

"I am patient with my mind and my body."

"I am becoming more healthier each and every passing minute. "

"I am starting to feel healthier and more energetic"

"I am naturally healthy"