Application timeline
20 April 2020
Version 6.7

Add push notification service

6 April 2020
Version 6.6

Migrated to API level 28 Google Drive backup fix

14 June 2019
Version 6.4

New: Now users can add create playlist constituting combination of multiple affirmations, such as morning or evening playlist

08 May 2019
Version 6.3

New: Now images can be searched and downloaded from online for each affirmation

31 March 2019
Version 6.2

New: Widget font size New setting Added: Open the entire application on click of a widget New: Contribute to online site added Bug Fixed: Long folder name clipping

7 Feb 2019
Version 6.1.1

Bug fixed- Android 9.0 (Pie) backup import issue

29 Dec 2018
Version 6.1.0

Headphone plug/unplug bug fixed Online edit added (Beta)

14 Nov 2018
Version 6.0.6

New UI Changed global font Improved usablity Notification bug fixed Icon bug fixed

1 July 2018
Version 5.1.0

UI Animation added Google Drive Backup last sync date added Text Import more characters supported Bug fixes

15 May 2018
Version 5

UI improved Added Sleep Timer in Play Settings Now a microphone icon will be shown for the affirmation which has recording present Recording UI Update Check All and UnCheck All affirmations added Easy Import and Export moved to settings Import Export Play Screen bug fixed Multiple bug fix

14 Apr 2018
Version 4.91

Performace fix in play New setting added to allow play all inside a folder New setting added for playing all affirmations in order when notification is clicked Multiple bug fixes

12 March 2018
Version 4.61

Image scaling settings added for custom images Bug fixes

10 Feb 2018
Version 4.6

Text setting modification made easy by giving instant feedback Added shadow option for text Added background option for text for improving visibility Bug fixes

19 Jan 2018
Version 4.5

Writing long affirmations in a comfortable way Free background music from online Now backup will save audio files also (Premium users) Added features list for new users

12 Dec 2017
Version 4.4

Now Users can get more affirmations from online Ability to hide all controls while playing Added delay setting in while playing (helpful for visualizing) Fixed crashing after playing affirmation Plays only checked ones in folder

29 Oct 2017
Version 4.2

**New Voice control **New Background play of affirmations **New Added pause button Random fix Notification sound fix Backup and restore sync issue fixed

23 Aug 2017
Version 4.0

**New added category rearranging **New added category wise random image setting **New load random image from folder or load a single image Random fix Recording voice quality increase Settings screen organized

5 Jul 2017
Version 3.7

Fixed text alignment issue. **New added recording option for affirmations **New added shadow for affirmations to increase visibility Fixed crashing issue in some of the devices.

22 Mar 2017
Version 3.1

Fixed crashing issue of widget. Added manual widget refresh option Google drive backup available

25 Feb 2017
Version 3.0

**Emergency update replacing 2.9 as that version showed extra ads (Thanks to Missy).

25 Feb 2017
Version 2.9

Added ability to download affirmations. Background music can be set. Can be configured to see all the affirmations in notification.

11 Jan 2017
Version 2.8

Changed the Icon Changed the UI fully Ability to reorder has been added. Font size has been updated New Feature- Import from text files added. Changed brighter wallpaper to lesser ones to increase readability. Lot of tiny bug fixes

3 Dec 2016
Version 2.7

Ability to view all affirmation in full screen by clicking play button from any folder. Ability to change font (Added 6 new fonts) Ability to change font position Font size has been updated Help updated. Notification timings reliability improved. Added 10 new background images Bug fixes

8 Nov 2016
Version 2.5

Help updated added. Permission added for api 23>= Clock updated with AM PM mode Font size has been updated In app purchase added to remove advertisement

15 Oct 20166
Version 2.3

Sticky notification Affirmations in random order Ability to rename folder

24 Aug 2016
Version 2.1

Added option to set notification custom times Notification icon cropped issue fixed (Thanks to Serge) Minor bug fixes.